Little Creek 2023 Annual Meeting

Hello Little Creek Homeowners!

Please mark on your calendar that the 2023 Little Creek annual meeting will take place Thursday January 12th at 5:00pm.  The meeting will be done virtual again this year.    A formal agenda with a link to the meeting along with other meeting information will be coming the next couple weeks via mail and email.  We will be looking forward to everyone’s attendance.  Have a safe and wonderful Holiday.

Weed Management

Please be mindful of your neighbor and clean up your weeds. It is that season where your weeds in your turf and non turf areas can get out of control.

Weeding Out Your Yard

Nothing ruins a beautiful, well-manicured summer lawn like weeds. From those ugly ones that have thorn-like leaves to the tall, unsightly ones that demand to be seen, weeds are an equal opportunity annoyance. As a community, it’s important to remember that one weed here or there isn’t going to hurt curb appeal, but if you have many weeds that you allow to grow freely, you’ll want to address it.

Since everyone deals with weeds, we encourage you to share with your neighbor these helpful ideas on winning the war against weeds:

  • Prevention! This is especially important for your lawn. Put down a pre-emergent herbicide that is safe for grass to prevent weeds for germinating in the first place. If you prevent them from starting, you’ll save yourself so much hassle down the road!
  • Grass health. Believe it or not, the healthier you keep your lawn, the fewer weeds you’ll see. Keep it fertilized and well watered and weeds won’t have the chance to grow as easily.
  • Mow! Again, keeping your lawn healthy and MOWED means less chance for weeds. Some types of grass are healthier at different heights, but no matter what grass you have you’ll see fewer weeds if you mow at least once a week. This goes back to keeping the grass healthy, because healthy grass crowds out weeds!
  • Treat. No matter how hard you try, weeds will always find a way. If it’s in the grass, your flowerbeds, or even in the cracks of your driveway, you’ll want to poison it before pulling it. If you pull a healthy weed you’ll likely leave some roots and it increases the chances of it growing right back. Poison it one day, pull it the next. That way the root system is compromised and it won’t grow back. Also, make sure what you use won’t kill the grass (avoid roundup close to plants or grass.

Welcome To Little Creek HOA Website

Here you will find important information for your community. Over the next few months, the site will be updated with new pictures and a link to make online payments.

This blog will serve as a news flash for Little Creek. This will include such information on irrigation startups and shutdowns along with news on any HOA meetings.